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White on white!

The last bit of flooring has been painted!


The lack of updates has us dizzy – we’re sorry if we’ve left you hanging.  With our recent trip to America and having to wait for wireless in our new apartment, we’ve been a little off the grid. Since our last post we’ve made a fair bit of progress, mostly in painting. The floor in […]

“Dust anyone? Dust?”

I don’t think my Bean boat shoes will ever look the same.

Sanding away…

The dust is sticking to everything!


Two buckets down…

Painting Concrete: an educational experience (three things we learned)

After over a week of pulling wallpaper off the walls, sanding them down, and puttying them up, we finally got to the fun part: painting.  We decided to go with a classic and timeless flat white (daring, we know) and spent most of the weekend with wide rollers and narrow brushes.   Here are three […]

David and the wall.

David standing in front of a job well done.