Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Edition

One of my favorite rooms has always been kitchens. As most other people, I love food. My love is not restricted to the consumption of food, but also the creation of it. Finding new recipes, experimenting with ingredients, pulling fresh cookies out of the oven. The challenge of putting together a dish from scratch and the reward that comes with eating your delicious project afterwards. The kitchen in our new apartment was therefore extra special for me. The room didn’t look like a kitchen at all when we took over the apartment though. It was actually just an empty room. For whatever reason it’s quite uncommon that German apartment include a kitchen. In other words, Germans take their kitchen with them when they move. The logic behind this? No clue. So moving into this apartment also meant purchasing an entire kitchen. After a few trips to IKEA we had put together a nice kitchen for a good price. A few weeks later the IKEA people came by and just a few hours later our new kitchen was installed. So far we have cooked quite a few meals in our kitchen, including weekday dinners, weekend brunches, a dozen banana breads, a couple cheesecakes, one Thanksgiving feast, and one Christmas turkey. And I’ve got a feeling that a lot of good meals are to come! A few before and after shots to give you an idea of the transformation the the room went through:








Our new kitchen after the IKEA installment



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