Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

View into the living room

View into the living room

We’re back!

After a short break, full of little projects here and there and a holiday, we’re finally back to work.

Admittedly, a lot has happened since our last update.  We’ve had a blast putting things together, cleaning, scraping, painting, laughing, crying… we’re happy to say that we’re almost done with the difficult bits.  YAHOO!

Today we’ll be putting the final coats of paint on the walls and floors – most of this work will be taking place in the living room.  We’ve decided to leave the ceiling for now, perhaps keep it for a warmer day, when we can have all the windows open.  We still have no idea what we’re going to do with it, so for now, it’ll stay as it is.

We know you’re asking yourself, “Why has it taken them so long to get this stuff done?”

This apartment is full of surprises (massive holes covered with tinfoil, hidden pipes behind cement covered wallpaper, random wires coming out of random surfaces… you get the idea), painting a wall isn’t just painting a wall, it’s a full on process.

  • Tear down the paper
  • Scrape the remaining paper off the wall
  • Wash the wallpaper glue off the wall with soap and water
  • Let the walls dry
  • Prime
  • Prime
  • Prime
  • Perhaps one more prime will do the trick?
  • Wrong! Prime again!
  • Paint
  • Paint
  • Final coat

It’s really about two weeks worth of work per room, add full time jobs, holidays and an attempt at a social life on top of that and you’ve got a four month process on your hands.  To be honest, there really wasn’t much to write about between our last post and now, it was a fairly repetitive process, with four main rooms, a hall and a bathroom, it was just the process above, repeated six time.

I can not put into words how excited we are to be done with this layer of work.  To finally be able to put this last room together, fully unpack, and get settled, really settled… it’s going to be an awesome feeling.

We also can’t wait to have a housewarming/holiday party and really get some life in this place.

And the icing on the finishing-the-room-cake?  We’ll finally be able to get our Christmas tree!  Yay!

Oh – we also finally have a kitchen, more on that soon.

Photos below!

Living room floor. Nice and neat.

Living room floor. Nice and neat.

Corner in living room.

Corner in living room.

Bare floor.

Bare floor.photo (11)





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