It’s all coming together

It has been 2 months exactly since we got the keys to our new home. We’re reaching a point where we’re done with almost all of the hard work (cleaningremoving wallpaperpainting), and moving onto the actual fun part: decorating. I think the main reason why we took on the challenge of renovating an entire apartment was knowing that we would be able to do exactly what we wanted to with it.

So here we are, trying to get the last things finished so we can start furnishing the rooms, adding the little details, and enjoy our home. First up, our guest bedroom, which we recently finished working on entirely. The first thing we decided to do was put up wooden shelves inspired by Danish 60s design to fill a wall with all of our Joey’s decorative items and flea market finds. A few pictures of the final result:




Awesome Royal Tenenbaums character print is by artist Ale Giorgini:
Wooden owl by Matt Pugh:
Lavender candle by Izola:

Yes, there’s still a lot of room on the shelves, but it’s nice to have the space for neat design items and small treasures we might find in the future. It’s definitely starting to feel like home and it’s nice to have a room that is more or less done. It’s already making all the hours we’ve put into this project worth while.

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