The lack of updates has us dizzy – we’re sorry if we’ve left you hanging.  With our recent trip to America and having to wait for wireless in our new apartment, we’ve been a little off the grid.

Since our last post we’ve made a fair bit of progress, mostly in painting.

The floor in the guest/family room is a glowing, shiny white.  It’s a bit hard to keep clean, but we credit that to the other floors bring unpainted and fairly dusty (even after multiple washes).  I’m fairly confident that once all the floors are painted things will be much easier to keep clean.

We’ve begun hanging shelves in the room and placing flowers on the balcony.  A few pieces of new furniture have made their way into the apartment too.  We’ll post some pictures soon…

The mudroom/hallway is almost done, we just have to begin painting the floors in quarters (so we can still walk through form room to room).  We’ve hung our coat rack, a lamp and some art… it’s beginning to come together!

The bathroom is painted and hooks are hung.  We’re still hanging a few shelves and adding bits and pieces here and there, we’re happy to be feeling fresh and clean in our new pad.

Did we mention that we’ve moved in?  We’ve completely moved in and are currently sleeping amongst our tetrised (that should definitely be a word) boxes and furniture eagerly awaiting our room to be completed!

The bedroom is looking better and better every day.  The floor and walls are primed.  The ceiling is one coat away from being done – as are the walls.  The only thing keeping us from moving into it is the floor, we still need to coat it with the official floor primer and paint, which should take about a week.  I can. not. wait. to get our stuff set up in there.  It’ll be nice to have access to all of our clothes again!  🙂

I apologize for the lack of photos… we’ll get some up soon, but until then, here’s a sneak peek:


We’re almost there… we’re getting so close!

We’ll also start posting some photos of our amazing helpers – we haven’t forgotten about you!

More to come – sooner than later!


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