Our new kitchen after the IKEA installment

One of my favorite rooms has always been kitchens. As most other people, I love food. My love is not restricted to the consumption of food, but also the creation of it. Finding new recipes, experimenting with ingredients, pulling fresh cookies out of the oven. The challenge of putting together a dish from scratch and the […]

The last bit of flooring has been painted!

We’re back! After a short break, full of little projects here and there and a holiday, we’re finally back to work. Admittedly, a lot has happened since our last update.  We’ve had a blast putting things together, cleaning, scraping, painting, laughing, crying… we’re happy to say that we’re almost done with the difficult bits.  YAHOO! […]

Shelves and shelves

It has been 2 months exactly since we got the keys to our new home. We’re reaching a point where we’re done with almost all of the hard work (cleaning, removing wallpaper, painting), and moving onto the actual fun part: decorating. I think the main reason why we took on the challenge of renovating an entire apartment […]

The lack of updates has us dizzy – we’re sorry if we’ve left you hanging.  With our recent trip to America and having to wait for wireless in our new apartment, we’ve been a little off the grid. Since our last post we’ve made a fair bit of progress, mostly in painting. The floor in […]

I don’t think my Bean boat shoes will ever look the same.

The dust is sticking to everything!